Monday, December 21, 2009

Pondicherry Trip

Sorry guys, i know i am writing it too late. bt better late than never. I was dependent on Arun, who was supposed to write this blog and publish however after waiting for him like 2 months i had to publish this. This blog is though not complete, being a detailed on day1 evenig and fun of day 2 is totally missing. Photos of this marvellous trip can be find on this link (
The Bloody Coupe
Pondicherry or Puducherry as it is called now, is close to 300 Kms from Banglore. After Mangat’s ( )birthday, we had planned to go out of town during the Diwali Holidays (Oct 17 – 19). Like olden times, I came up with the suggestion. This time it was “Pondy” (although i knew it s gonna be pretty hot out there!!!!). And to my surprise Mangat sir agreed to my plan. So we checked with my friends to see who all are interested. And finally we got co-bearers who can carry out the Coupe succesfulls, vis, Manesh, Datta, Gaurav. So we have a strong gang of 5 including me and Mangat. The plan was to leave Bangalore on Oct 16th night (it didnt work out as planned) and check in at a hotel in Pondicherry in the morning, roam around for two days and leave Pondy on Sunday late night, so that we will be back in bangalore by Monday morning and we will get the whole of monday to take rest (it was holiday for us in Accenture).
So we had close to one week to plan the itinerary. I was to take care of the Accomodation, Manesh to handle transportation and others to make sure that we are doing things as planned. He He. We had a look at few of the hotels (obviously online) and inquired with few of our friends. Finally we decided to get to Pondicherry and book the hotel, rather than booking it online. Transportaion was pretty easy as Manesh agreed to bring his Benz C-Class (well, it is actually Wagon R).
The D-Day and The Coupe Was Sloppy
October 16th, 2009 – Well we all were very excited about the trip. However we had to go to office. All of us were working late as our shifts were pretty late. To be frank, I didn’t have much work and by 07.00 in the evening, I was free. I was feeling pretty tired though, well the reason for that is very interesting. There was a beautiful new gal in the gym and I worked out a bit more than usual. I was too tired after the workout; tired in such a way that I was feeling sleepy. So I was waiting for Manesh to leave so that we can get to our room ( Manesh’s flat ) and sleep. To my shock, Manesh was gonna get late…. However I was lucky to know that Gaurav was going to Marathahalli. So i thought of going to cousin sister’s house and sleeping there till Manesh comes from office. Gaurav had to purchase 3/4ths for Pondy trip. So we both left office and reached Marathahalli. Now guess who purchased the most, I did. But it took as a long time to get over with the shopping spree. After that Gaurav dropped me at Cousin sister’s flat and i slept there for few hours.
Manesh came around 12.00 from office and we reached our room around 12.20 and slept by 12.30. So we were not able to leave that night. But we were determined to get up in the morning around and leave by 04.30 from Bangalore. So as planned me and Manesh reached Mangat’s room around 04.30 and we left Bangalore by 05.15 AM. Datta was at Mangat’s house and we picked Gaurav on the way. Although late, we started our trip to Pondy. All of us were feeling so so sleepy and Mangat was little angry on all of us. But that was understandable. Then i told, Better late than never.
The Search for ECR
We planned to take the following route: Bangalore – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Tiruvannamalai – Villupuram – Pondycherry. Both me and Datta had been to Pondy before this. And we had the glimpse of the ECR in our mind. How ever we didnt know if it s gonna be en-route to Pondicherry. But we told everyone that we will be entering ECR and it is gonna be great ride as the road is too good. So everyone was eagerly waiting to see ECR.
Now let me shed some light on the journey from Bangalore. The travel from Bangalore to Hosur was not that bad, considering the fact that the construction of the Express Highway is in progress. We reached Hosur in 35 minutes and then the road was too too good; no pot holes, no irregular surfaces. The best thing that i appreciate about TN is the roads. The NHs are properly mainained. The drive from Hosur to Krishnagiri was great. The scenic beauty, the sun rise, the great road and the rocky peaks on either sides of the road just added the perfect blend to the great start that we had. We had breakfast at a restaurant in the one of the Indian Oil Petrol Bunks (well before Krishnagiri and much after Hosur). Manesh was driving till then and after breakfast it was my turn to test my driving skills on the C-Class.
After Krishnagiri toll booth, you have to take a left turn from the Second Fly Over; the road towards Chennai. After travelling for 1 Km on that road, take a right from the first signal. And then, it is a straight road to Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram and Pondicherry. The road from Krishnagiri to Tirvuannamali is not that great. We coevered the entire distance in 6 Hours, even after taking couple of halts in between. We reached around 11.30 AM, and that too straight to the beach road. We planned to check in at any of the hotels, get fresh and then have our lunch.
The Princes’ Stay
We had to find a nice place to stay. Since we were already on the beach road, we just wanted to have a room there itself. The temperature was a whopping 34 degrees. We checked out 4 places.
Ajanta Sea Side – For a double deluxe sea facing room, they were asking 3000 Rs. And with extra beds it came to 3800.00.
Ajanta Guest House (next to Ajant Sea Side Hotel) – A/C Sea Facing Double room with extra beds was costing around 1900.00 and Non Sea Facing room was costing around 1600.00. We thought of checking out other options.
Hi-Design – The cost well, 5000 and above. So I am not gonna write more about that. The rooms are too good and the ambiance is great.
Mother Sea Side Restaurant – They didnt have double rooms and they had an executive suite room to offer. It was costing around 4000.00
Eventually we planned to rent a room at Ajanta Guest House. So we got a double room with two extra beds at a cost of 1600.00 Rs. The room was normal with a cup board, TV and cable connection, a table and a chair and A/C. The bathroom was big enough, but had no ventilation. The best thing about the hotel was that it was hardly 150 mts from the beach.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Arun's Travel Blog

Hey Guys,

Check out My friends Travel Blog... your comments and suggestions are welcome for the blog.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


3rd oct,09
Finally my three year wait is over and i am going to wonderla.. india's biggest amusement park.
We 11 people went to wonderla...thanks to yasha and arun for gathering people. we had a hell of good time.... It was awesome one of the greatest experience of my life.
we decided to start at 90'clock in morning, but as you know IST. we only managed to start at 11am after picking all 11 people.
we had a light breakfast and started for wonderla. we divided into 3 groups in 3 different cars.Got stuck in bad traffic of bangalore finally managed to reach at 12:30.
Wonderla is at bangalore mysore highway... some 30 km away from bangalore. when we were about to reach wonderla i was full with exictement... Gaint wheel of wonderla can be seen from 3-4 km. the first look of gaint wheel made me more excited and it gives a good insight that one is definitly going to have fun in wonderla.
we had two choices either to go for water park and then rides or vice versa... we opted first to go for rides and then waterpark.. took a locker dumped all our stuff in there and started for rides...
First ride was Drop Zone... they take you to a height of 50-60 feet and then drop suddenly and you approach ground as a free fall... it was not that tough as we were able to see other dangerous tough rides. so we thought lets raise our bar slowly and decided to go for Drop Zone...
2nd in line was mixer... it was tuff one... one guy before us had vomitt in u can imagine how tuff it cud be. because of this incident we lost 30 minutes in waiting.
3rd Y-Scream.... Nice one. as i said we raised our bar slowly so it was moer dangerous than mixer.
Last 4th one we went for Y-Scream..mmmm i dont remember the exact name :( bt it was the most dangerous one.
Phew..... it was awesome breath taking rides. i enjoyed a lot.
by the time all were hungry as we had light breakfast. so planned to have lunch and then head towards water ride.
After lunch we went for crazy cars ride... nice to go back to childhood days. crashing cars with friends.. :)
we were all set for water rides...
First of All we entered in Wave pool, Rain dance and lot of waterslides... Water bucket, Again Rain Dance... :)
And end the water park again with wave pool.... wave pool of wonderla is really good one. current of waves were really good and waves were able to push us and throw us out of pool... :P
At the End I, Gaurav and Arun went for Gaint Wheel ride.. gaint wheel is set up at 13th floor and arond 50m in diameter.
We were the last one and lucky enough to have a ride. rest of out group people could not make it and had to miss it.
View from such a height was breathtaking... it was simply un-explainable.. One should go and feel it... words can't describe.. to have a bext view i would recommend to go for Gaint wheel in Evening.
We started back for bangalore around 7:30 pm.
We all went to Aangan for Dinner... It was mind blowing day.... Having Memorable Last days in bangalore... :):)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Weekend After Resign

Aaahhh... First weekend after i resigned. (26th-27th Sep)...
I had in mind that i will start saying good bye slowly to every one... As i dont want to miss upon any one.
First in the Good bye row faled Kids of two NGO's with whom i work.. Vidyaniketan and SOS.
I went to both organization on saturday... I called up raghu to pick me up as planned. In morning i went to Vidyaniketan and then to SOS in evening. Clicked few pics... Visit to vidyaniketan was not that succesful from the perspective to bid good bye... As exams were on in school so most of the kids were not available. My bad bad luck :(
However some thing interesting happened in Vidyaniketan, there were few volunteers who came from UK to shoot documentarty movie on Vidyaniketan. They asked me and Raghu if we can answer their few questions to be featured in documentary. We said yes and we had to went through a long interview with them... So guys you might see me and raghu soon into Vidyaniketan documenatry.
In mean time i told raghu that this might be my last visit to Vidyaniketan and told him about my plans of leaving bangalore. He was happy that i am moving on to some better opportunity (i say it better because as if now it looks better) but was unhappy that i will no more available for volunteering. Even i felt bad when i was in vidyaniketan and thought of not to coming this place again. Anyhow part of life.. As some one said "Change is only Constant"

By the time our interview finished we both were hungry and wanted to eat something... so we went to pizza hut to grab some pizza. And i cant forget this lunch... I can believe on me that i had full medium pizza along with Garlic bread and a cold drink... OMG i am such a petu....

On the lunch table we had a healthy discussion on the future plans, how he is gonna miss me... i guess so people will miss me :(
After lunch we straight away went to SOS, as we were already late.

In SOS there were few new volunteers waiting for us. So we inducted them about SOS how they work and all.

Had a fun time playing with kids and roaming around SOS. I love this place,when i go to SOS i feel like i came to some other world.

Finally had to bid good bye to this place as well... Luckily kids were available in SOS so i waived a good bye to all the kids. Left the place with a heavy heart... :(
Sunday -27th Sep
Woke up real late around 1pm. nothing much on sunday same normal day. In evening went to hyderabad house for dinner with sid, gaurav and his brother. After dinner we went to CCD and chat session. :)
all in All it was a good weekend...
Plan for next weekend (long weekend... ye ye ye) My b'day n wonderla... :) :)
One Day ur life wil flash b4 ur eyes.... Make sure its WORTH WATCHIN!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yes I am Leaving.

Hi All,
I am back again to write something.
Yes i am leaving my current org and bangalore. you might be hearing this from here and there let me declare it yes it is true. I am leaving organization and as well as bangalore.
As i am going throught my last few days, i suddenly filled with kind of mixed feeling good n bad. people who were so nice just turned to behave in very weird way. :( I am feeling like i made a crime by making a decision to move on. Anyways every one have their own feelings and mind set, one can't change it.
I dont know whether i moving out for good or bad... but at moment future looks promising.
So Guys, Please wish me luck. and Please please Keep in touch.
Closing for the moment with few lines.

Rehne De Aasman......Zamin Ki Talash Kar
Sab Kuch Yahin Hai....Na Kahin Aur Talash Kar
Har Aarzoo Puri Ho To Jine Ka Kya Maja
Jine Ke Liye Bas Ek Wajah Ki Talash Kar