Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year - 2011

Hmmm.. So another year ends and also ends a decade.

This decade was very eventful in my life. This decade i started my journey as a school kid and ending it with a well established software engineer (well some say/think so). 

Visited/stayed/changed many cities. Chandigarh, NCR, bangalore which covers the major stay.

Changed the way we communicate connect with people. Started with Mobile phone, Orkut, Facebook and now twitter.

Changed the way we express ourself. writing diaries to writing blog, update status in facebook or simply tweet. yes I used to write a dairy atleast for an year i wrote.

Sharing my experience of my stay in cities i stayed.

Chandigarh - Stayed in chandigarh from 2000 to 2006. almost for 6 and half year.  Place which showed me real world, gave me freedom to do anything. gave me sense to choose between wrong and right. Place where i made so many friends and enemies (actually not much enemies). Place where i had my first drink :P. How can i forget Panjab University and hostel no 6. I owe a lot to these two places. Name of chandigarh itself is enough to explain how awesome this city is. well planned, next to no traffic. Great weather and most important near to every place where you want to hang out. Chandigarh is my first love and given chance any day i would love to settle down in this beautiful city. Also this city gave me the chance to meet first and last love of my life. :)

Bangalore - As every other IT student's destiny, i also landed up in bangalore in 2006. now its been around 4 years. I am absolutely in love with this city. there is a saying for bangalore, if you throw a stone. either it will hit a dog or a software engineer :) :). Bangalore have very special place in my life. Met lot of people, made great friends. Got to know the real face of few fake people in my life. This city gave me a lot. made me lakhpati from kangalpati... he he. gave me lot lot good friends. Names to follow in next portion. I am Enjoyiny my stay in bangalore, hopefully this fun will continue for longer run.

NCR (Noida) - It was a short, sweet and horrible stay. Short spent 8 months only. Sweet coz near to home place and apna north ka feeling, horrible because i was alone there no much known and then safety concern. Noida taught me how to do absolutely nothing in office and still get a full month salary with a full credit from managers about how critical you are to team :) Again met few great people there. Miss those night outs in sec 18 Atta market, Saket, GK ,friends colony. I won't mind If again i get an opportunity to work in NCR.

Worked with three different companies. Still in love with the first company. been an year i left first company, but still I am not over it.

Met a lot of people in last 10 years. May be thousand people. I was wondering if i can compile a list of people who made impact on my life in this decade.want to say a big thanks to them and bash few.But when i started compiling list found so many ass holes to put on this list,whom i don't want to say thanks or want to see their faces even in my dreams.  Also thought if i am compiling a list then might be will forget people or few will feel offended so I am saying Thanks to you all. Let me name few people My sis, my nephew nieces for so much happiness. My friend in home town Arsh, College friend Parvez, Divya then a lot of people in Bangalore Arun busy man, mudassar golibaz, Sidharath devdaas, nikku dada. umesh bhaiya, Shiva SRK and a lot of CSR friends. I am sure i am missing on a lot. sorry for that guys. Even if you are not in this list, that does not mean i don't respect you. you all have a special place in my life and will continue having.
Chalo baut bakwas ho gaya. At the end Thanks for being there and making my life great and worse at the same time.

With this let me bid farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011 on happy and high note.
Happy new year to all of you.Have a wonderful and rocking year ahead. Party hard!
And yes i don't have any resolutions for 2011. I dont understand the concept of resolution. for god sake its new year not a problem bank that you need to decide resolutions/solutions in advance.

Let the Party begin... Love you all.

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