Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first Ever blog

Hi All,

This is my first ever blog.
well thought of starting blog came into my mind few months back but due to busy schedule and upset life i could not.
so today after so much laziness i succesfully implemeted it :)

Lets start with About me: I am a software engineer working with a MNC in Bangalore, India.

I think I am changing the world, but I am not. I think I am contributing to the Indian economy, but I guess I am not. I think I love my work, but I do not. I think I hate all people who made me earn myengineering degree, and I do. I think I am living, but and mostimportantly, I am LOOKING for someone!! Ok...I won't be funny anymore. I am a cool guy with a zeal to enjoy life (If you know me--> "Just stop laughing!!")

Funniest About me of a software engineer i came across,thought of sharing with you guys.
Rest Later

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