Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yes I am Leaving.

Hi All,
I am back again to write something.
Yes i am leaving my current org and bangalore. you might be hearing this from here and there let me declare it yes it is true. I am leaving organization and as well as bangalore.
As i am going throught my last few days, i suddenly filled with kind of mixed feeling good n bad. people who were so nice just turned to behave in very weird way. :( I am feeling like i made a crime by making a decision to move on. Anyways every one have their own feelings and mind set, one can't change it.
I dont know whether i moving out for good or bad... but at moment future looks promising.
So Guys, Please wish me luck. and Please please Keep in touch.
Closing for the moment with few lines.

Rehne De Aasman......Zamin Ki Talash Kar
Sab Kuch Yahin Hai....Na Kahin Aur Talash Kar
Har Aarzoo Puri Ho To Jine Ka Kya Maja
Jine Ke Liye Bas Ek Wajah Ki Talash Kar

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