Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Weekend After Resign

Aaahhh... First weekend after i resigned. (26th-27th Sep)...
I had in mind that i will start saying good bye slowly to every one... As i dont want to miss upon any one.
First in the Good bye row faled Kids of two NGO's with whom i work.. Vidyaniketan and SOS.
I went to both organization on saturday... I called up raghu to pick me up as planned. In morning i went to Vidyaniketan and then to SOS in evening. Clicked few pics... Visit to vidyaniketan was not that succesful from the perspective to bid good bye... As exams were on in school so most of the kids were not available. My bad bad luck :(
However some thing interesting happened in Vidyaniketan, there were few volunteers who came from UK to shoot documentarty movie on Vidyaniketan. They asked me and Raghu if we can answer their few questions to be featured in documentary. We said yes and we had to went through a long interview with them... So guys you might see me and raghu soon into Vidyaniketan documenatry.
In mean time i told raghu that this might be my last visit to Vidyaniketan and told him about my plans of leaving bangalore. He was happy that i am moving on to some better opportunity (i say it better because as if now it looks better) but was unhappy that i will no more available for volunteering. Even i felt bad when i was in vidyaniketan and thought of not to coming this place again. Anyhow part of life.. As some one said "Change is only Constant"

By the time our interview finished we both were hungry and wanted to eat something... so we went to pizza hut to grab some pizza. And i cant forget this lunch... I can believe on me that i had full medium pizza along with Garlic bread and a cold drink... OMG i am such a petu....

On the lunch table we had a healthy discussion on the future plans, how he is gonna miss me... i guess so people will miss me :(
After lunch we straight away went to SOS, as we were already late.

In SOS there were few new volunteers waiting for us. So we inducted them about SOS how they work and all.

Had a fun time playing with kids and roaming around SOS. I love this place,when i go to SOS i feel like i came to some other world.

Finally had to bid good bye to this place as well... Luckily kids were available in SOS so i waived a good bye to all the kids. Left the place with a heavy heart... :(
Sunday -27th Sep
Woke up real late around 1pm. nothing much on sunday same normal day. In evening went to hyderabad house for dinner with sid, gaurav and his brother. After dinner we went to CCD and chat session. :)
all in All it was a good weekend...
Plan for next weekend (long weekend... ye ye ye) My b'day n wonderla... :) :)
One Day ur life wil flash b4 ur eyes.... Make sure its WORTH WATCHIN!!!!!

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