Friday, February 19, 2010

Update on HP Issue

After writing the blog post  I was thinking what next. how to proceed with my struggle.

I was searching the Internet and found really good information, I found email Id of HP CEO Mark Hurd and HP Board of director .

I thought let me try sending mail to these guys and see what they think about their customer. Though these people are sitting in their US Office, but let them hear what we Indians think about HP. I think HP sucks big time and NO One BUY their product.

I sent an email to both of these Ids with the details of issue, conversation with HP service center and link to my blog post.

For 2 days they didn't bother to reply, However on 3rd day i got an email from their India Office. A lady named Pratima MP replied with the below mail

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 4:29 PM, HP-CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE INDIA<> wrote:
Dear Mr. Mangat Rai,

With respect to your below e-mail, we have involved the appropriate person to address your concern. Your Complaint ID is CCHSAP254220.

Please feel free to revert for further clarification and assuring you our best support at all times.

Warm Regards,
Pratima MP
HP-Customer Experience Team

After getting this mail i thought now something will happen. However its been 5 days since i got this mail and no further communication. I sent follow up mail as well but no response from them.

Finally today again i sent an email to them asking about the status. Lets see if i am lucky enough to get mail this time.

Guys, I am requesting you all again If you are facing the same issue with your HP laptop because of Nvidia graphic card. Please please report this issue to the higher authorities. More the number of cases more chance of our win.

For any information, please drop a comment here. I will help with the best possible information i have. Also at the same time, If you guys have any information which can help me solving the problem, Please share it with me.


Hai Santosh said...
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Hai Santosh said...

HI Mangath,

very fortunate that i came across ur blog and the issue u r facing with the graphics card.
i bought dv2701tx(KB170PA#ACJ) laptop in Feb 2007, it is also having the same prob like either it will hung up or it will show 6 screens while starting up.....

today i contacte hp service centre hyderabad.... they asked me to call them tomorrow....

now after reading ur blog am waiting with my fingers crossed whats going to happen in ur n my case regarding laptop....

i think its better to go to consumer court.... if there is no option left

Mangat said...

Yup, I am going to consumer court only. They are not at all responding to my emails. So called special person assigned to my case is having give a damn attitude.

HP really suck big time.

Also please let me know in case if you get a positive reply from your service center. you can read my other blog post "hp making fool of indian customer" to know how i proceed. that will for sure save your lot of time and will quicked up the process.

All the best and do let me know what did they tell you.