Sunday, October 11, 2009


3rd oct,09
Finally my three year wait is over and i am going to wonderla.. india's biggest amusement park.
We 11 people went to wonderla...thanks to yasha and arun for gathering people. we had a hell of good time.... It was awesome one of the greatest experience of my life.
we decided to start at 90'clock in morning, but as you know IST. we only managed to start at 11am after picking all 11 people.
we had a light breakfast and started for wonderla. we divided into 3 groups in 3 different cars.Got stuck in bad traffic of bangalore finally managed to reach at 12:30.
Wonderla is at bangalore mysore highway... some 30 km away from bangalore. when we were about to reach wonderla i was full with exictement... Gaint wheel of wonderla can be seen from 3-4 km. the first look of gaint wheel made me more excited and it gives a good insight that one is definitly going to have fun in wonderla.
we had two choices either to go for water park and then rides or vice versa... we opted first to go for rides and then waterpark.. took a locker dumped all our stuff in there and started for rides...
First ride was Drop Zone... they take you to a height of 50-60 feet and then drop suddenly and you approach ground as a free fall... it was not that tough as we were able to see other dangerous tough rides. so we thought lets raise our bar slowly and decided to go for Drop Zone...
2nd in line was mixer... it was tuff one... one guy before us had vomitt in u can imagine how tuff it cud be. because of this incident we lost 30 minutes in waiting.
3rd Y-Scream.... Nice one. as i said we raised our bar slowly so it was moer dangerous than mixer.
Last 4th one we went for Y-Scream..mmmm i dont remember the exact name :( bt it was the most dangerous one.
Phew..... it was awesome breath taking rides. i enjoyed a lot.
by the time all were hungry as we had light breakfast. so planned to have lunch and then head towards water ride.
After lunch we went for crazy cars ride... nice to go back to childhood days. crashing cars with friends.. :)
we were all set for water rides...
First of All we entered in Wave pool, Rain dance and lot of waterslides... Water bucket, Again Rain Dance... :)
And end the water park again with wave pool.... wave pool of wonderla is really good one. current of waves were really good and waves were able to push us and throw us out of pool... :P
At the End I, Gaurav and Arun went for Gaint Wheel ride.. gaint wheel is set up at 13th floor and arond 50m in diameter.
We were the last one and lucky enough to have a ride. rest of out group people could not make it and had to miss it.
View from such a height was breathtaking... it was simply un-explainable.. One should go and feel it... words can't describe.. to have a bext view i would recommend to go for Gaint wheel in Evening.
We started back for bangalore around 7:30 pm.
We all went to Aangan for Dinner... It was mind blowing day.... Having Memorable Last days in bangalore... :):)

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Arun said...

it was great sir ji. and we enjoyed it to to the max.. the rides were really nice.. we all are gonna miss u sir ji..